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Bikini Classroom CD ROM Training
Learn how to use your computer the fast and fun way!


Feedback from our customers :

"These are the best training videos I've seen for Windows XP!" - Jeff Levy, KNX1070 News Radio.

"Very cool product. One of a kind. I wish all training videos were presented this way." - Troy, San Jose California.

"I bought Video Professor (for windows) and almost fell asleep watching it. Bikini Classroom for Windows XP teaches practically the same stuff at a fraction of the price without putting you to sleep. In fact, I was actually looking forward to seeing the next chapter because I wanted to see who the next teacher was." - Andy, Sacramento California

"Neat stuff." - Randy, Montgomery Alabama.

"My Dad loved it." - Gregg, Tacoma Washington.

"Cheesy, campy, and fun. Looking forward to upcoming titles." - Steve, Portland Maine.

"The way it's designed makes you want to get to the next chapter which makes you learn quicker. Smart product." - John, Santa Fe New Mexico.

"This product blows away Video Professor. When's the next one?" - Chris, Seattle Washington

"I ordered it as a gift for my father and he absolutely loved it! Brilliant product! Quick shipping too!" - Sabrina, London United Kingdom

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