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Learn how to use your computer the fast and fun way!


Windows Tips


  • Open a link in a new window: Right-click over the link and select Open In New Window
  • Downsizing a maximized window: Double-click it's title bar or click it's Restore Button.
  • Pin a program to the Start Menu: Right-click the program from the All Programs list and from the shortcut menu select Pin To Start Menu
  • Make a window Full Screen: Press CTRL and double-click the window's title bar. Or (if the window is the active window) press F11.
  • Close a window using the taskbar: Right-click over the window's taskbar button and select Close.
  • Disable Messenger Service (stops some Internet popups): Control Panel>Performance & Maintenance>Administrative Tools>Services>Messenger> Disabled from the Startup Type pull-down selection.
  • Rename a file or folder: Select the file and then press F2.
  • Minimize all open windows: Press and hold Windows Logo Key and then press the D key.
  • Installing fonts: Drag and drop the font into the font folder.
  • Moving forward and back through previously visited web sites: Hold down the ALT key and press the left and right arrow.
  • Create a Document Scrap: Highlight text from your word processor and then drag and drop the text onto your desktop.
  • Alphabetize the All Programs list: Right-click on a program in the All Programs list and then select Sort By Name.
  • Access the main menu without using the mouse: Press the ALT key. Now use the arrows to select an option within the main menu selections.
  • Launch multiple applications: Hold the down the SHIFT key while accessing the All Programs list and select the programs you wish to open.


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Windows Tips

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